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The eyelashes extensions are quality mink lashes, strong strip to hold glue, flexible, soft, easy to apply…

Microblaidng method is a tattoo technique done by hand and not machine. This also can be known as eyebrow embroidery.

During your consultation a medical and consent form will need to be completed to ensure your suitability…

Before & After


Semi Permanent Make Up is also known as Micropigmentation which is a delicate controlled method of applying subtle micro insertions of pigments to the skin. The technique is similar to a standard tattoo however pigments are used instead of ink and a Microblading tool is used instead of a digital machine.

The idea is to create a gentle shadow of colour to the skin achieving a natural look and a natural colour. Leaving you with flawless eyebrows as soon as you wake up in the morning, ready to go with no application of make-up on your brows, defined lips and brighter eyes.   


Everyone has different skin tones, facial features and structure which influences the treatment in different ways.  Each treatment is tailored to suit each individual.

Design eyebrows video

The process


During your consultation a medical and consent form will need to be completed to ensure your suitability for the procedure. Throughout the procedure no other person is allowed in the treatment room.

The procedure

Before starting the procedure a photograph is taken of the procedure area. This is confidential and will not be used without your permission. The photograph is taken to enable you to see your before and after look.  

Prior to the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area to ensure minimum discomfort during the process, whilst we wait for the area to become numb we will discuss the results you wish to achieve. Then assess the best colour for you from a selection of the finest grade pigments.

A make-up pencil is used to draw the desired shape, so you can approve the shape before the treatment begins to ensure the finished result is exactly what you want. When you are satisfied with the design this will be used as the template for the procedure.

The selected pigments are then implanted into the skin using a microblade.

After care

Important after care instructions will be explained to you to ensure you take care of the treated areas for the following 7 days. Application of after care cream  is advised to be put on twice a day, morning and night with a cotton wool bud as no touching or washing treated area is allowed for 7 days.

This is required to avoid germs, infections and to allow the area to heal. No face washing of the treatment area or long steamy showers is aloud to avoid irritation. These must be strictly followed so the treatment area can heal properly.

Follow up appointment

A top-up treatment is highly recommended for best results, scheduled 4 weeks after treatment and within 8 weeks post procedure to boost your colour and perfect any final adjustments that may be necessary. This would ensure your semi permanent cosmetic treatment achieves the best results. 

Booking your appointment

A deposit is required to secure your appointment. You will then receive a confirmation by text. Following your treatment the remaining payment can be transferred via PayPal or Bank Transfer on the day of your appointment.

Procedure duration. Approximately 2 hours.

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