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In my 4 years career as a Microblading Artist & now Master Trainer I have performed many treatments. Microblading has certainly CHANGED MY LIFE! Not only have I been able to run my own beauty business, becoming my own boss but find passion in what I do day to day. Been able to gain recognition internationally, help others, financial stability and more freedom in my schedule. 


I am so grateful and have a lot of gratitude in such a rewarding profession. It is a pleasure to see a impact on my clients lives and bringing back their confidence. This is a PRICELESS feeling. 


I am honoured to represent a prestigious world renowned Beauty Angels Academy USA – as one of their very first Master Trainers in the UK. I always say & truly believe if anyone want’s to start a Microblading career you can! There is no previous experience required to start a career in Microblading. There are no talents either, only people who practice and those who don’t. 


Everyone can do it. It will be my pleasure teaching you Microblading techniques, guiding & supporting you in every part of your journey. You can achieve your dreams. Never have any doubts in your abilities. You cannot change your past, but you can change your future. BELIEVE in yourself. 





Beauty Angles Artist’s produce great work because they follow a very specific method that is taught to them through a rigorous 6 month training course. This course requires the artist to pass 11 levels of mastery to ensure that their methods and their work maintain a very high standard… the Beauty Angels standard.



The Beauty Angels method and tools have been meticulously designed and redesigned to aid their trained artists in producing very precise hair strokes, perfect symmetry, and a beautiful eyebrow shape that goes with the natural shape of their client’s face and bone structure.



Beauty Angles products have also been tested and redesigned again and again to ensure the highest quality, to avoid any dangerous heavy metals found in most permanent makeup pigments and to provide colour that stays. It is for these reasons and more, that if you want great results with your Microblading treatment, it is highly recommended that you seek out a professional artist with a good portfolio. 





Before & After

Before & After

Semi Permanent Make Up is also known as Micropigmentation which is a delicate controlled method of applying subtle micro insertions of pigments to the skin. The technique is similar to a standard tattoo however pigments are used instead of ink and a Microblading tool is used instead of a digital machine.

The idea is to create a gentle shadow of colour to the skin achieving a natural look and a natural colour. Leaving you with flawless eyebrows as soon as you wake up in the morning, ready to go with no application of make-up on your brows, defined lips and brighter eyes.   

Everyone has different skin tones, facial features and structure which influences the treatment in different ways.  Each treatment is tailored to suit each individual.


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